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New American Divas presents Deena Jacobs on TV, YouTube and Facebook - The Game Changer - Reality TV's rising star! Tyler the Creator and Dickhouse Entertainment chose Deena Jacobs, Kim Kardashian's H8R, to make her sketch comedy debut alongside Odd Future (OFWGKTA) on Adult Swim's Loiter Squad. Proclaimed "A hilarious and unique mash-up of Chappelle Show and TMZ" by fans, Deena Jacobs Rants on YouTube, caught the attention of Tyler the Creator and producers at Dickhouse Entertainment with her hilarious angry black woman shtick in the viral video Kim Kardashian's #1 H8R (Uncensored). Recognizing Deena Jacobs as part of the new wave of entertainment, Odd Future's, Tyler The Creator and Dickhouse Entertainment called upon her unapologetic-flamboyant-comedic talents for the highly anticipated Adult Swim series Loiter Squad (premiéring March 25th on Cartoon Network). Her Loiter Squad characters included Channel 5 Action News Anchor Tabby Tarnetta and Maurice Show Baby Momma, Janel. Deena is Kim Kardashian's #1 H8R (CW 9/28/2011). With her outrageous sound bites, hilarious antics and fearless ability to keep it real in the face of any challenge, Deena is all over your TV. Also check out our associated Youtube Channels Deena Jacobs Rants and Deena Jacobs Lost Tapes by OscarWinnerDjakarta which showcases reality character Deena Jacobs on Reality TV, YouTube, Facebook Fanpage and Webseries, and other New American Divas (NAD) content.

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