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External Link for YouTube Videos Co-Starring BuckWheat. He s, "Keep On Grinning Niggas!"

IMAGE (003) DESCRIPTION: BuckWheat, A Grinning Black Doll, often co-stars in DeenaJacobsRANTS YouTube Videos. DeenaJacobsRANTS is going to Keep them NIGGAS Grinning! BuckWheat says, Keep on Grinning NIGGAS! KEEP ON GRINNING! BuckWheat Rants, "Chuckie Ain't Got Nothing on me!"
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Find Real Women!
Punch Drunk Love: Kim K & Kanye Dating H8R??!
America's Super Mammy = MICHELLE OBAMA + VIOLA DAVIS!
External Link to YouTube Video Titled: F*** BULLYING!
YouTube Video Titled: Rihanna & Whitney Houston Share Crack Pipes?!
Co-Starring BuckWheat

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Buckwheat first co-starred in the Deena Jacobs RANTS video entitled "Rihanna & Whitney Houston Share Crack Pipes?!" R.I.P. Whitney Houston. Is Rihanna the new Whitney Houston, because much like Ms. Whitney Houston, Rihanna aka Ri Ri has an inability to distance herself away from men who are no good? If Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together just call Rihanna Anna Mae ( Tina Turner ). Even a simple song reunion of Rihanna would be a bad look. If the rumor is true about Chris Brown and Rihanna appearing on the Birthday Cake Remix their bank accounts will look great, but Rihanna's self-esteem and/or image, will be terrible! Whether it be Bobby Chris Brown niggas with the last name BROWN ain't s***it! Just as Rick Gervais, David Chappelle, and/or Joan Rivers, Deena Jacobs crosses all lines to get to the truth of the situation in a humorous / comical and entertaining manner. 

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BACKGROUND: Proclaimed 'A hilarious and unique mash-up of Chappelle Show and TMZ' by fans. Deena Jacobs Rants on YouTube, includes angry black woman shtick. Check out Youtube Channels Deena Jacobs Rants by OscarWinnerDjakarta and Deena Jacobs Lost Tapes by DeenaJacobsLostTapes which showcases Reality TV Persona and Youtube character, Deena Jacobs.

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